Teach With Us
Join a collective of supportive music teachers!
Do you...
Enjoy teaching from your own home?

Like setting your own schedule?

Prefer to set your own rates?

Dislike doing your own admin?

Want to be a part of a teaching community?
Juniper Music School might be the right fit for you!
Do you have a physical location?
We do not have a physical location. All of our teachers teach from their own homes or studio rentals.
Are your teachers independent contractors?
Yes! Our teachers are independent contractors who set their own hourly rates.
Can I teach an instrument other than violin, viola, or cello?
Yes! Whilst we currently only teach violin, viola, and cello, we would love to expand to other instruments!
What benefits do my students have by being a part of Juniper Music School?
As all of our student performances are shared among teachers, students regularly hear those taking from other teachers or who are learning other instruments!
What benefits do I have by being a part of Juniper Music School?
As a collective, we all play a part in creating the school we dream of! Teachers help shape Juniper Music School by voicing opinions on performance opportunities, classes, policies, and calendar dates. We share activities, which gives us the ability to afford to do more of these more frequently throughout the year. Our director, Kimmy Harrenstein, does all invoicing, payroll, activity planning, website building, etc. so you can focus on what you want to do- TEACH!
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