I believe in creating a supportive environment for my students.


Learning and practicing an instrument is hard work!  

It requires time, intention, and patience.  

We must take our musicianship seriously, while not taking ourselves too seriously! 

Music is hard work, but it is also fun and rewarding! 

Violin & Viola


All students must be committed to improvement! This will require time, thoughtfulness, and practice. You will face challenges and roadblocks while learning an instrument, but we will work together to overcome them!

My priorities as a teacher are excellent technique and proper set-up in service of creating a beautiful sound. I believe it is important to focus on building skills, rather than blasting through repertoire. We will polish each piece that you learn, and for the most part, won't have time for school orchestra music.


If your child is under age 13,  please plan on attending all lessons as you will be expected to help with practice at home. Your child may be the one learning an instrument, but it will also be a time commitment for you!

Practice Expectations

The following expectations are inspired by Bellevue violin teacher Angie Kam, and her list can be viewed here!

Whether you hope to attend college for music, or just want to enjoy music as a hobby, my expectations remain the same. Each student must have their mind set toward improvement. You will not get better at your instrument if you do not practice! 

Beginner, 30 minute lesson length 

-Beginning students will work on building a foundation for success!  We will work toward creating healthy practice habits, proper set-up, and general musicianship. 

-We will work toward creating a strong foundational technique and beautiful sound 

-The relationship between parent, student, and teacher is vital – the student will never practice or play the violin alone. Parents must attend all lessons so they can help their child practice at home every day. 

-Practicing is not necessarily centered around minutes or hours spend, but correct repetitions.

Daily Practice Expectations: Ranging between 15-30 minutes, depending on age and ability.  

Intermediate, 45 minute lesson length 

-This stage includes a broad spectrum of abilities and activities. While we will be continuing our foundational work (it never stops!), we will start working more intensively on scales, arpeggios, and etudes, in addition to repertoire. 

-Students will having an increasing awareness of their own playing, and develop independence in certain aspects of musicianship.  

-Depending on the student’s age, parents may still be involved in helping with practice. 

Daily Practice Expectations: Ranging between 30-45 minutes of practice, depending on age and ability.  



Advanced, 60 minute lesson length  

-Students at this level have a sense of ownership and internalized motivation.  

-Advanced students have the ability and understanding to make their own musical choices with the guidance of a teacher. They have the tools to learn and polish their technical studies and repertoire, but benefit from our work together. 

Daily Practice Expectations: 45-90 minutes of practice, often more, depending on your goals. 

A Note About Instruments

It is important to me that your student has a quality instrument! Having a subpar violin or viola will lead to a frustrating experience for the student - if your instrument doesn’t sound nice, there’s little motivation to open your case and play! 


Instruments from Amazon, EBay, Craigslist, Fred Meyer, or your grandmother’s attic are not permitted. (If you do actually have an instrument in your family, I will need to see it and hear it!)


I recommend renting an instrument from one of the following shops:

Olsen Violins (Ballard)

Bischofberger Violins (Capitol Hill)

Lasley Violins (Ballard)


If you’re ready to purchase an instrument, I am happy to talk with you about that process, and meet you at the shop.

Property and Privacy  

I teach inside my home, and I *love* having you! I ask that you respect my space while you are here! There might be an instrument or two out – please always ask before touching or playing anyone else’s instrument. Parents, please supervise any siblings that come to lessons.  

You are welcome to use my restroom, and if the weather permits and you’re not required in the lesson, you are welcome to sit on the deck.