Step One

If you are a current student of Juniper Music School, please jump to Step Two!


Before enrolling for the year or term’s lessons, sign-up for a consultation lesson to see if we’re the right fit! Consultation lessons are $35 and last 30 minutes. Consultations consist of a short interview where your teacher will ask you about your goals and expectations for learning your instrument. Your teacher will also discuss with you their expectations for their students such as how much to practise and whether you will be expected to take part in JMS activities.

Beginners are not required to bring an instrument to their consultation lesson. However, your lesson will then consist of the interview portion as well as teacher demonstrations of their instrument. Teachers do not have instruments for students to borrow. If you have questions about where to rent or buy an instrument, please ask your teacher and they will be more than happy to give you suggestions! Do not buy instruments off of Amazon, please!!

If you have already been playing, please bring your instrument. You will be asked to play a scale as well as a bit of something you’re currently working on. This could be school orchestra music, youth orchestra music, or solo music if you’re moving from another teacher.

Click here to schedule a consultation lesson with the teacher of your choice. Please provide 3 possible times that you are available and your teacher will get back to you with the one that works best with their schedule. We can also recommend someone to you if you aren’t sure which teacher might be the best match! Send us a chat in the box below if you'd like assistance choosing a teacher or select Juniper Music School when making your consultation lesson booking request and we'll forward it to who we think would work best for you!

Consultation lessons are for prospective students only. 

Step Two

After you and your teacher have agreed to continue lessons together, and you have reserved a lesson time, you'll need to enroll with us! We have 3 different enrollment options that vary in price by teacher, lesson length, and enrollment length. School Year and Full Year enrollment options are only available until September 30, 2020. A full breakdown of our prices can be found on our Policies page.

Winter Term

  • Pay for the term's enrollment: January 4, 2021- April 11, 2021

  • Includes ​13 lessons with your teacher (see dates)

  • If you choose term enrollment, you will automatically be sent an invoice for the next term, unless you express your intent to leave. Rates vary per term. Spring Term information will be posted on February 10, 2021.

Kelly Moore

30 minute lessons: $704.50

45 minute lessons: $988.25

60 minute lessons: $1,273

Nathan Harrenstein

30 minute lessons: $672

45 minute lessons: $939.50

60 minute lessons: $1,208

Brian Jankanish

30 minute lessons: $672

45 minute lessons: $939.50

60 minute lessons: $1,208

Lauren McShane

30 minute lessons: $639.50

45 minute lessons: $890.75

60 minute lessons: $1,143

Anika Meisel

30 minute lessons: $477

45 minute lessons: $647

60 minute lessons: $818

Enrollment includes:

  • Lesson Tuition.

  • Access to our Student Portal, where you will find your scheduled lessons, access to our drop-in class bookings, and event invites to our performance opportunities.

  • Access to all online classes, such as music theory and music history, at no additional fee.

  • Performance opportunities such as playing parties, performance classes, master classes, and recitals.

  • Piano accompanist for recitals.

To complete your enrollment, please send us a message in the chat below! You will be sent an invoice for your chosen enrollment period due before your first lesson with your teacher.

Step Three

Once you have submitted payment, you've completed your enrollment! You can now begin lessons with your teacher and join us for our online classes at no additional charge!

When you sign up for a lesson time, you are signing up for that time every week that lessons are in session during your enrollment period. You are also agreeing to our policies for the duration of your enrollment.

The Small Print

By reserving a lesson time with your teacher, you are committing to completing your enrollment by paying your invoice before your first lesson. 


Failure to complete enrollment on time does not exempt you from paying for lessons or enrollment fees.


You have 48 hours from the time stamp on your reservation email to cancel your reservation without penalty. To cancel, please reply all to the email. Failure to respond does not constitute as notice to cancel.



Our procedure for late enrollment is as follows:


1. If enrollment is not completed by the date of your first lesson, that lesson will not take place. You will still be charged for this lesson.


2. If enrollment is not completed by the date of your second lesson, that lesson will not take place and your lesson time will no longer be held for you. You will still be charged for this lesson.


3. If enrollment is not completed by the date of your third lesson, you will be ejected from Juniper Music School effective immediately. Your final invoice will consist of the three lessons missed, 25% of the remaining lesson tuition for your enrollment period, and the enrollment fee due for your enrollment period. No further services will be offered to you.


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