I was born and raised right here in Seattle, in the Maple Leaf Neighborhood!

Violin & Viola

Teaching Style

As a teacher, I draw from a few of my previous teachers, Susie Meszaros, Helen Callus, and Kimberly Fisher. They each have methods, tips/tricks, and exercises that make understanding and executing skills easier. I use the Suzuki Method to keep things moving and for technical development, as well as additional repertoire suited to each student.


One of my main educational philosophies is to 'teach students to teach themselves'. This involves critical thinking and building a process where anyone can create manageable, understandable, and executable steps to learning music regardless of skill level, scary key signatures, hard rhythms, or fast/high notes.


I am very easy-going, but do have high expectations for each of my students. Students should have good focus during lessons and come prepared with their music practiced. As such, I am not generally looking to take beginning students into my studio, and usually accept those students who have an understanding of note reading, technique, and a readiness to learn when the going gets tough. I'm generally happy as long as there is progress each week. =)

What else I do!

When not touching/looking at my instruments, music studio, or even a sheet of music, I can be usually be found gardening, smothering my two fur babies (Frankie & Lulu) with love, or working my way through some of my favourite Korean BBQ. Frankie can sometimes be seen pawing at the camera during Zoom lessons, or taking up space on my lap!


When in-person lessons resume, Brian’s home studio is located on Greenwood Avenue, by Bitter Lake, in the Broadview neighborhood.